N2E has strong entries for 2016

The 2016 N2E entries are off to a strong start. There are a lot of interesting boats and clubs in the mix. The most well known boat is probably Taxi Dancer, an R/P68 rating -84 out of Santa Barbara Yacht Club. The fastest boat entered so far is Aszhou an R/P63 at -143. The slowest boat is Bon Vivant, a Catalina 30 rated 192. Notable for all the wrong reasons is Anarchy, a Melges 32 rated 6 (Owner Scot Tempesta is the editor of the notorious SailingAnarchy.com). PHRF is the largest group, promising some excellent class breaks and close racing. J120s and Fast50s are notable sub-classes. The fastest ORCA multihull entered is Uni, a Seacart 30 trimaran. Dana Pont Yacht Club leads with the most entries. There are several clubs, like Pierpont Bay Yacht Club in Ventura, with only a single entry. There are three All Female teams entered, but only one Double Hander. There is a sizeable Cruising group. Quite a variety of boats with one thing in common, they will all have a great time racing to Ensenada in April.

There is still lots of time and lots of room for more entries. So whether you are hard core, or simply in it for fun, you really ought to get your boat out and enter the 2016 N2E race.